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So this is good bye, sort of.

How do I put it into words? This 4 year adventure into the world of wedding photography has been just that, an adventure. As we start on year 2014, I finally feel the push to make things final with Two Times Photography. I’ve known since July of 2013 that I did not want to continue working in the wedding photography world for years to come. I had my run, and it was a good run, but it’s nearing it’s end. This fall I launched a new business, Bethany Lynn Photography, for high school and college senior portraits. And that’s where my passion is. That’s where my efforts are expensed. That’s where I want to be!

So, without making it more melodramatic than it has to be, the business of Two Times Photography will be closing it’s doors this year. It’s not a failure for me, it’s a success! Levi and I successfully started a photography business together 4 years ago, and it succeeded! We collectively shot about 50 weddings together over these years. We are ending now, because we don’t feel like we are supposed to keep it going.

I feel like people need a why. Why? It’s a two part answer for me, with a million subparts. In short, I don’t think it’s what God has designed for my/our future. I don’t think wedding photography is where I am supposed to be. For a time, it was, but now, it’s not! I am never one to try and predict God’s plan, so who knows, maybe we will meet again :) But for now, I have a solid feeling in my gut, that I need out. The second asnwer to the question Why, is this: I need out. A toll has been taken on me. I believe people are strong in different ways, and what works for someone may not cut it for someone else. I gave my best, to the point where I gave everything. I WAS Two Times Photography. I was not a child of God. I was a wedding day timeline executed perfectly. I was the coordinator, the confidant, the stress reliever for others. But where did my relief come from? I surely wasn’t allowing it for myself. It’s the thing where, I could do this job and I could do it really well, but I couldn’t do anything else. My mind couldn’t be present on a date with my husband. I fell asleep thinking business, and woke up immediately running to my computer to work. When I talk about these habits, it’s of the past. The year of 2013 was my year of relief. My year of stepping away, pulling back, refocusing. And I thank God that he pushed me to that point. I now have clarity on what direction I’m supposed to be heading in! The month that we decided it was over for me and Two Times, was the month that Levi got his wife back. Everything felt different. I was relaxed for whole days at a time. I don’t think I’d experienced that in about 3 years. That’s how I knew it was right. For my marriage it was right. For my sanity it was right. For God’s direction in my life, it was right. In case anyone wonders, did she hate my wedding day? The answer is no!!! I love weddings, and I have loved our clients and the relationships we have made over these years. The people are what kept this job going. You are all beautiful and special and I will probably remember your names and wedding dates until forever :)

So what does the future hold for Two Times? I have 4 more weddings on the books, and I will shoot those weddings 100%! I will go out with a bang, with fireworks, with joy. And then I will be through. Two Times Photography, the wedding business, will close up shop. I will take on no more weddings, indefinitely. I’m still working out the details of everything else. I love couples so much, I love love so much. I love my past couples so much! I would hate to say I’ll never take couple photos again. But I don’t know if it will be under Two Times Photography or under my new business, Bethany Lynn Photography. At this point, I will keep up my email,, and you can contact me there. I will maintain the blog and facebook page through May, and then probably close the facebook account. This blog was my baby, it holds so many memories, both work and personal. So it will probably stay out there, for the internet to hold.

If you feel like you will miss me (which I hope some of you do!), please keep in touch through my other social media outlets! I am frequently on instagram at bethanylynnphoto, and I also write a personal blog called the Hill Country Housewife. I’d love to stay in touch! So this is goodbye, sort of. It’s more of a notice. In 5 months, no new pictures or info will be coming out of this blog or facebook page! And as of January 2014, no new weddings will be booked! I’m sad for this to end, but so relieved and excited to be on the same page in all my areas of life!

With lots of love,

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